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Nitzia Logothetis, MSc, MA, MHC-LP

Founding Chairwoman and Executive Director, Psychotherapist

Nitzia Logothetis, MSc, MA, MHC-LP, is a trained psychotherapist and the Founding Chairwoman and Executive Director of Seleni Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing care, research, professional training, and information central to maternal and reproductive mental health. Mrs. Logothetis is driven by a fundamental belief that mental health is as valuable physical health, and that every person has the potential to succeed when supported. 

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Hara Ntalla, M.S.Ed/CSE, LP, LP

Clinical Director

Hara Ntalla is a graduate of the adult psychoanalysis LP Program and also an advanced candidate at the Training Institute of the Contemporary Freudian Society of New York.  As a psychoanalyst, she  brings an expertise in infant-family mental health and development—as well as depression, anxiety, loss and grief—to her role as clinical director of Seleni. Prior to her current role, Ms. Ntalla conducted supervision with Seleni's clinical staff since 2015.

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Sara Laufer

Finance Director

Sara Laufer is a licensed CPA with extensive experience in both public and private accounting. She has been part of Seleni since we opened our doors in 2013 and works closely within the organization to maintain accurate financials, manage budgets and fiscal goals, and oversee the operations of our organization. Prior to joining Seleni, she spent nine years working for a large broadcasting company managing the budgeting and forecasting as well as economic strategy. 

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