About Us

The Seleni Institute is a nonprofit organization that was founded by Nitzia and George Logothetis in 2011 to transform mental health and wellness for the women of the world by increasing:

Our name, Seleni, honors and supports the courage it takes to seek help. We bring together two extraordinary women: Selene, goddess of the moon, long associated with women, emotions, and serenity; and Eleni, a mother who bravely fought for her children’s escape to America. We root our vision for our empathetic, comprehensive, evidence-based care in the deepest respect for bravery and emotion.

Our logo, a classic labyrinth, evokes our individual journeys, the complexity of our brains’ design, and a reminder of the human at the heart of each experience.


The Seleni Institute partners onsite with Seleni Psychology Counseling and Support, PLLC, a mental health and wellness practice that focuses uniquely on women's mental health care needs.