Team Seleni Conquers the Spartan Sprint, Raising More Than $120,000

42 women and 10 men braved obstacles, pouring rain, and hundreds of stadium stairs to raise money – and awareness – in support of women's mental health.

May 19, 2017

Team Seleni put their physical and mental strength to the test at the Spartan Sprint at Citi Field on Saturday, May 13. Seleni's 3rd Annual Challenge proved to be the perfect opportunity to put into action the Seleni Institute's mission of supporting women and families directly. Our team braved unforgiving weather, slippery stadium stairs, grueling obstacles, and hordes of other competitors, all in support of the challenges and struggles women and families face every day.

"Endurance was far from the only personal attribute that was tested on Saturday," said official Team Seleni trainer and teammate, Orion Mims. "The course also forced us to be savvy and strategic, strong and powerful, willful and focused, as there were many twists, turns, and surprises." 

"Despite the nerves, I realize now that we had nothing to worry about because as moms (and the people who love them), we are all masters of an extreme sport – nurturing people," said Team Seleni alum, Eleni Gage. "I saw Seleni team members flexing their support muscles all day long, helping each other lift concrete boulders, and cheering each other up and down a seemingly infinite number of stadium stairs. It was that team spirit that actually had us singing and dancing and burpee-ing in the rain." 

So often at Seleni we see that family change and growth must come from an individual first. As we continue to participate in these endurance series, it is fascinating to see how the intricacies of each event complements the work we do and the progress we get to witness every day at Seleni.

As a cheerleader to and observer of the Team this past spring, it has been both inspiring and humbling to watch these women and men continue to push themselves beyond their comfort zones. Much like the people we welcome and serve daily at Seleni, our runners had to rely first and foremost on their own strength and use their individual endurance, courage, and perseverance to overcome the obstacles before them.

Congratulations and many thanks again to this year's Team Seleni!

Every dollar raised by Team Seleni directly supports Seleni's financial assistance and public programming, providing clinical services and support to women and families who would otherwise be unable to afford them.

You can still donate to Team Seleni until June 1st.