George Logothetis

George Logothetis  Co-founder & Treasurer

George Logothetis

Co-founder & Treasurer

George Logothetis is the Chairman and CEO of the Libra Group, an international business group comprising 30 subsidiaries active in 35 countries across six continents. Libra is primarily focused on shipping, aviation, real estate, hospitality, renewable energy and a portfolio of selected diversified investments.

Mr. Logothetis joined his family's shipping business in 1993, becoming CEO in 1994. He presided over the company's expansion from three vessels to a fleet of 55. The Libra Group was created in 2003 to diversify the family's business interests.

Libra Group companies and the Logothetis family lead and support dozens of educational and philanthropic initiatives linked with the broad theme of supporting tomorrow's leaders and assisting people who have been denied or have limited opportunity. Seleni is one such venture.