Preparing for Breastfeeding: Live Twitter Chat

Ask questions and get tips from a certified lactation consultant and connect with other pregnant women

Many women plan to breastfeed, but few plan for breastfeeding, says Ayelet Kaznelson, Seleni lactation consultant. We live in a culture that assumes breastfeeding will come naturally but offers little support to ensure that it does. That's why Ayelet works with moms before they give birth to help them have a smooth start to breastfeeding.

On Thursday, September 11, 2014 Seleni will host a live Twitter chat with Ayelet that will cover how to prepare for breastfeeding, debunk myths about breastfeeding, and let you know when it's time to get help. She will also answer any questions you have, so this will be a great opportunity to get advice on anything that is concerning you. You can even learn from other moms about their hopes, fears, and plans for feeding their baby.

Ayelet explains to her clients that although breastfeeding is a natural behavior, it is also a learned behavior. And unfortunately, our society no longer has the supports in place to teach it. For example, we don't live in close-knit communities raising children together like our ancestors did. And we often live far away from extended family members, such as moms or aunts, who may have knowledge and experience with breastfeeding. Many of us don't grow up seeing breastfeeding in action, so it makes perfect sense that a comfortable nursing relationship with your baby can feel very foreign and difficult at first.

Preparing to breastfeed before the baby comes will not only make new moms feel more confident about breastfeeding, but it "can also reduce the chance of problems or complications with breastfeeding, which are shown to increase the risk of postpartum depression," says Sarah Best, LMSW, a psychotherapist at Seleni. Ayelet often doesn't hear from moms until after delivery – when they've been up at 3 AM searching "latching techniques" on the internet with a screaming baby in arms. Her goal with this Twitter chat is to spare participants that experience.

The chat will take place on September 11th 10:30-11:30am EST – follow along on Twitter at #SeleniBFprep.