New Advice & Support Section Launches on

We are excited to announce the newly redesigned Advice & Support section on We've brought together women and moms from all over the country, award-winning health journalists and bloggers, and clinical experts to offer a comprehensive look at the challenges of trying to become and being a parent.

Through personal essays, reported features, news stories, and expert answers, we aim to bring to life the daily struggles we all go through and share what helped us get to a stronger, happier place.

As a two-time survivor of postpartum anxiety, I am intimately aware that even a happy event like childbirth can take you to dark places. And although it took me a little while to learn, I know there is no shame in finding yourself there and reaching out for help. Incredible growth and freedom can come from accepting your limitations, admitting your struggles, and getting support. And after that, the hardest (and most rewarding) work is to come: learning how to truly take care of yourself.

And that's what Seleni will do in our Advice & Support section - bring the dark into the light and help each other. Already so many women have shared incredible stories with us, from Pamela Tsigdinos's decision to remain childless after infertility to the difficult decision a mom in San Francisco made to use a donor egg.

Erica Kain explained how her many miscarriages fit into the family she has today, and Sarah Muthler shared the heart-wrenching moments that followed the stillbirth of her daughter Genevieve and the faith she nurtured through her next pregnancy.

A New York mom took us through her decision to take antidepressants during pregnancy, and Jessica Meyers Shechter offered her hard-earned tips for surviving the NICU. These are just a few of the incredible stories you will find as you browse our site.

We're here to be honest about some of the hardest parts of this incredible journey, but we're also here to offer help and support for the everyday struggles from chronic morning sickness and sleep deprivation to the difficulties of breastfeeding and formula feeding, managing tantrums, keeping your relationship (and your sex life) strong, and having compassion for yourself.

We all struggle and succeed in little and big ways every day, and the more we share our stories, our hard-won wisdom, and our support, the sooner we will realize that we are not alone and understand that it can and does get better.

We hope you find stories here that resonate with you, and we also hope that you share them with the women and moms in your life. And we invite you to tell us your stories. What else should we be talking about? Because we don't need any more silence (except during "me" time).

Kate Ropeseleni, seleni news