Clinical Team & Advisors

Clinical Team

  • Hara Ntalla, M.S.Ed/CSE, LP, LP

    Hara Ntalla, M.S.Ed/CSE, LP, LP

    Clinical Director

    Hara Ntalla is a graduate of the adult psychoanalysis LP Program and also an advanced candidate at the Training Institute of the Contemporary Freudian Society of New York.  As a psychoanalyst, she  brings an expertise in infant-family mental health and development—as well as depression, anxiety, loss and grief—to her role as clinical director of Seleni. Prior to her current role, Ms. Ntalla conducted supervision with Seleni's clinical staff since 2015.



    Mrs Ntalla has worked with women, men and their families during both the perinatal and postnatal period. She specializes on dyadic work, child and adult attachment disorders, couple’s therapy, and early trauma.  She also treats patients with a wide range of mental health challenges, including anxiety, addictions, and psychosomatic disorders. Mrs. Ntalla has been a clinical education professor at Brooklyn College’s Early Childhood and Art Education Department for 12 years and worked in the Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education fields as a provider and supervisor for over 15 years.

    Ms. Ntalla is a co-developer of the Early Intervention advanced Certificate program at Brooklyn College and teaches the psychosocial courses for Brooklyn College’s Advanced Certificate in Early Intervention and Parenting Program. Ms. Ntalla has also worked closely as a consultant with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to train NYC providers in the Reflective Supervision model. She gives lectures on parent and child development to several organizations throughout NYC in order to promote the wellbeing of families.

    Ms. Ntalla received her degree in Infant and Parent Development and Early Intervention from Bank Street College of Education and is also NY dually certified in both general and special education (with a specialization in autism).

  • Shara Marrero Brofman, PsyD

    Shara Marrero Brofman, PsyD


    Dr. Brofman specializes in reproductive and perinatal mental health. She supports people before, during, and after pregnancy, pregnancy loss, and pregnancy termination. Dr. Brofman assists people navigating infertility, assisted reproductive technology, and third-party reproduction, as well as those pursuing or considering medical or elective fertility preservation.



    Dr. Brofman completed her undergraduate degree in child development and Spanish at Tufts University. She then worked as a case manager for children with special needs, and as a clinical research coordinator at Columbia University Medical Center, where she researched the effects of mood disorders and stress during pregnancy. Dr. Brofman completed her doctorate in clinical psychology at Rutgers University, where her research focused on the psychologist's role in reproductive medicine. She has advanced training in perinatal mood disorders from the Postpartum Stress Center and Postpartum Support International.


    Dr. Brofman has worked with children, adolescents, and adults in various settings across the Greater New York Area. She is an active member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine's mental health professional group, and currently serves on its continuing education committee. Dr. Brofman is a member of several other local, state, and national professional organizations, including Postpartum Support International, RESOLVE, and the NYC Women's Mental Health Consortium. She is also an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia University, where she teaches a master's level course on perinatal mental health.

  • Patricia Harteneck, PhD, MBA

    Patricia Harteneck, PhD, MBA

    Senior Psychologist

    Dr. Harteneck has more than 18 years of experience treating patients with mood and anxiety disorders. She specializes in depression and anxiety, adjustment disorders, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, life and career transitions, infertility, and relationship issues with partners, family, and friends. She uses an integrative approach to therapy, combining psychodynamic insight with cognitive behavioral techniques.



    Dr. Harteneck earned both her master’s and doctorate degrees in clinical psychology from Adelphi University, her master's degree in counseling psychology from Columbia University, and her master's in business administration from the University of Chicago. Her undergraduate degree in clinical psychology is from the University of Buenos Aires. She did her internship at Kings County Hospital Center and worked at the Metropolitan Center for Mental Health. She completed her postdoctoral training at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center and the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Philadelphia.


    In addition to working at Seleni, Dr. Harteneck supervises at Lenox Hill Hospital and the Center for Cognition and Communication. She is fluent in Spanish, French, and German.

  • David Hein, LMSW

    David Hein, LMSW


    David brings an analytically informed approach to his work with individuals and couples navigating such life transitions as pregnancy and parenthood.



    Originally from the Midwest, David received his degree in social work from New York University and has completed psychoanalytic psychotherapy training through the Contemporary Freudian Society. In addition to his work as a clinician, David is an active volunteer with the SPRING project which promotes education and affordable treatment of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders in the New York City and Washington DC areas.

  • Nitzia Logothetis, MSc, MA, MHC-LP

    Nitzia Logothetis, MSc, MA, MHC-LP

    Founder & Chairwoman, Psychotherapist

    Nitzia Logothetis, MSc, MA, MHC-LP, earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from Brown University followed by a Master of Science in Child development/psychology from the Institute of Education in London and a Master of Arts in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness from New York University. Prior to founding and establishing Seleni, she worked at the Karen Horney Clinic in New York as a psychotherapist. 


    Ms. Logothetis specializes in anxiety and depression, with a particular emphasis on the role of child development, recognizing that patterns of behavior and coping mechanisms in adulthood are often rooted in developmental history. Ms. Logothetis argues that developmental life changes, including difficult pregnancies, bereavement, marriage or professional changes, can be inherently stressful. Thus transitions can often be times of heightened tension and crisis for families.  With a focus in reproductive and maternal mental health, she works with men, women, and couples to identify and reinforce their strengths as they overcome their challenges.

    Ms. Logothetis was born and raised in London and is fluent in English, French, Greek, and Spanish. Her professional and personal experiences leave her exceptionally well-placed to understand how complex intersections of culture, familial expectations, and child development affect mental health and wellness.

  • Venus Mahmoodi, PhD

    Venus Mahmoodi, PhD

    Psychologist, LP

    Venus Mahmoodi, PhD, LP, specializes in maternal mental health during the perinatal period. She treats patients with a wide range of mental health challenges, including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, psychotic disorders, and emotional dysregulation from various conditions.



    Dr. Mahmoodi takes an integrative approach, incorporating psychodynamic relational work with cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies. Her diverse clinical and diagnostic expertise ranges from working with refugees and torture survivors to veterans and perinatal women. Her most rewarding experience was at an intensive outpatient program for pregnant and new mothers, where she treated women experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) as well as post-traumatic stress. Treatment there included cognitive behavioral techniques in both individual and group settings. 


    Dr. Mahmoodi completed her PhD in clinical psychology at Palo Alto University and her predoctoral internship at Mount Sinai Beth Israel. Through a unique collaboration between Stanford University and Palo Alto University, she completed a program with an emphasis in women's mental health. Coursework and research examined the role of endogenous hormones on mental health throughout women's life cycle. Her dissertation topic focused on the perinatal experiences of Muslim women living in the United States. She also completed specialized training through Postpartum Support International on screening and treating PMADs.


    Dr. Mahmoodi is affiliated with the New York Women's Mental Health Consortium as well as Postpartum Support International.

  • Christiane Manzella, PhD

    Christiane Manzella, PhD

    Senior Psychologist

    Dr. Manzella comes to Seleni with extensive experience as a clinician, administrator, and professor of psychology. For more than 20 years, Dr. Manzella maintained a private practice in New York City where she provided psychotherapy and supervision in several areas, including grief and bereavement, her specialty.



    Dr. Manzella specializes in working with parents after miscarriage, stillbirth, and child loss. Her clinical work also includes helping women and couples navigate fertility challenges as well as the complexities of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Her focus is on helping women and couples find ways to draw on their strengths and take the next steps that are right for them.


    For those who are grieving, the next step might be letting go. Or it might be recognizing their ongoing bond with and love for the child they have lost. She also focuses on any potential mood or anxiety disorders that can complicate bereavement, and she is particularly skilled at supporting parents as they explore the decision to pursue subsequent pregnancies or build a family in other ways.


    Dr. Manzella is also an expert on the relationship between loss and trauma. She is an empathic clinician who uses empirically derived interventions that are proven to be effective treatments for grief as well as mood and anxiety disorders. She continues to embrace and use mindfulness-based clinical interventions, including those she developed through her research and teaching as an international consultant on managing loss and trauma.


    Dr. Manzella also provides career assessment and counseling for women making career changes following pregnancy. She addresses practical and psychological elements in career exploration, building on her 20 years of experience as a New York University faculty advisor and professor.


    Dr. Manzella earned both her master's degree in clinical psychology and doctorate in counseling psychology from New York University. She carried out her doctoral dissertation research at Beth Israel Medical Center hospice, with postdoctoral supervision in grief and bereavement work.


    Dr. Manzella also has had specialized training at Postpartum Support International, the Postpartum Stress Center, and the Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy. Dr. Manzella was named a Fellow in Thanatology: Death, Dying and Bereavement by the Association of Death Educators and Counselors. She has completed a three-year term as a member of their board of directors. She continues to teach at New York University and makes her home in New York City.

  • Ann Simmons, PhD, LCSW

    Ann Simmons, PhD, LCSW


    Dr. Simmons joins the Seleni team with more than 20 years of clinical experience. As a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist, she focuses on how women experience their own bodies and emotional lives before, during, and after pregnancy.



    She believes that the many different, and often confusing, feelings around pregnancy deserve to be explored, and that some feelings, such as depression, may be unexpected. In therapy, a woman can more easily understand and overcome frightening and confusing feelings as well as more freely celebrate her condition.


    Also, in the unfortunate case of pregnancy loss, Dr. Simmons has expertise helping clients manage grief and mourning.


    Dr. Simmons recently returned to New York after more than 10 years in St. Louis, Missouri. As a faculty member at the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute, she taught a variety of courses in the adult psychoanalytic training program and was part of the clinic and practicum program there.  


    She received her doctorate in comparative literature from the CUNY Graduate Center in New York and earned her MSW from New York University. She has trained at both IPTAR in New York and at the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute.   


    In addition to women’s clinical issues, Dr. Simmons maintains a keen interest in literature and film.

  • Nneka Symister, LMSW

    Nneka Symister, LMSW


    Nneka Symister, LMSW, is an experienced therapist specializing in helping women and couples who suffer with perinatal mood and anxiety dis​orders. In her work, Ms. Symister uses multiple techniques to best serve her clients, including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, interpersonal therapy and mindfulness.



    Ms. Symister holds more than a decade of experience helping families build and strengthen their relationships. Her past work includes supporting diverse patients in underserved communities, including inner city residents and LGBTQIA. She also has an extensive background working with fathers, utilizing the latest research in human behavior to help patients enhance their relationships with their children and increase positive communication in their co-parenting efforts.


    Ms. Symister is certified as a Parenting Journey Facilitator and received her Master’s in Clinical Social Work from The Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College, and a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Urban Education from the State University of Albany. She is also deeply involved in her community serving as member of state and national professional organizations, including the National Association of Social Workers and The Links, Incorporated, where she engages high school-aged youth in need.

  • Betina Fracao

    Betina Fracao


    Betina contributes to Seleni with her specialization in dyadic treatment of infants and their parents. She applies this knowledge to clinical work with adults and children through a psychoanalytical oriented approach to parent infant therapy. She has more than 10 years of experience in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy treating a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, grieving and relationship problems.


    The Anni Bergman Parent Infant Program has allowed Betina to deepen her knowledge and experience in parent infant dynamics, baby development, infant observation, postpartum depression, teenage pregnancy among others.

    She holds a Psychology degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. She began her psychoanalytic training in 2005 at the Porto Alegre Psychoanalytic Society (SPPA), an International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA) affiliated Institute, also in Brazil.  She is currently an Advanced Candidate in the Adult Program at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (IPTAR) and also at the Anni Bergman Parent Infant Program.

  • Jennifer Dembo, MSW, CCE, CD(DONA)

    Jennifer Dembo, MSW, CCE, CD(DONA)

    Jen Dembo is a candidate for a master's degree in social work from Simmons College and earned a bachelor's degree from Boston University. She is a certified DONA labor support doula and received her childbirth educator training from Childbirth Education Association and Evidence Based Birth. Jen also completed a clinical internship at April's Child, an agency that uses a home visitation model to help and support overwhelmed and at-risk parents.



    Jen has worked with pregnant women and their families since 2004 and has attended more than 100 births in home, birth center, and hospital settings throughout New York City and the tri-state area. Her comprehensive approach focuses on the physical, emotional, cultural, and medical factors that influence a woman on her path to motherhood. Jen recognizes that every family is unique and honors various perspectives on pregnancy, adoption, assisted reproduction, surrogacy, and childbirth. Her mission is to inform women about their many prenatal, childbirth, and postpartum options and to promote self-advocacy about personal needs and preferences.

    Prior to her roles as Seleni's manager of young parent programming and breastfeeding clinic coordinator, Jen managed a midwifery practice and spent countless hours working with women before, during, and after their clinic visits. She has advanced training in comfort measures for labor, and she also has expertise in counseling skills and strategies to assist pregnant and postpartum survivors of childhood sexual abuse, perinatal loss, and maternal mental health.

    She is the former president of the Hudson Valley Birth Network and a current board member of Birth Education Beyond the Ordinary, an organization providing childbirth education, doula, and lactation support services on a sliding scale. She is also a member of the National Association for Perinatal Social Workers, the National Association of Social Workers, and Postpartum Support International.

    Jen is the author of several blogs on pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.

  • Brooke Nalle, MS

    Brooke Nalle, MS

    Sleep Consultant

    Brooke Nalle, MS, founder of Sleepy on Hudson, is a pediatric sleep consultant who works with families and children from birth to preadolescence. Ms. Nalle believes sleep teaching (rather than sleep training) creates a healthy sleep relationship for the entire family. She collaborates with families to find sleep solutions that meet each child's cognitive, physical, and socio-emotional needs.



    Ms. Nalle received her master's in education from Bank Street College of Education in 2003 and is one of the first 50 graduates of Kim West's Gentle Sleep Coach program. She is trained in basic counseling and child development, sleep science, behavioral modification techniques, and secure attachment theory. 


    In her work with Kim West, Ms. Nalle studied with experts in postpartum depression, sleep apnea (and other medical conditions) in children, and sensory processing disorders and sleep, and received specialized training to handle the particular issues of babies in the four to six month period. Ms. Nalle is a member of the Hudson Valley Birth Network and chair of the Community Nursery School Parent Committee. She is the proud mother of three children: Alistair, Clara, and Loewy.

Clinical Advisors

  • Kate Lynch Bieger, PhD

    Kate Lynch Bieger, PhD


    Dr. Bieger integrates psychodynamic therapy with cognitive behavioral techniques to treat trauma and bereavement after pregnancy loss, perinatal anxiety and mood disorders, and insomnia. She specializes in helping women navigate the struggles of making the transition to motherhood, especially challenges of parenting and relationships. She helps women build the support they need to take better care of themselves and their families. 



    Dr. Bieger earned both her master's and doctorate degrees in cognitive psychology from Columbia University and continued her specialization in the field at Adelphi University’s Derner Institute. She completed her undergraduate work in psychology at Oberlin College and trained at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute, and the Furman Counseling Center at Barnard College. Dr. Bieger’s work is enriched by her own experiences as a wife and mother of two young boys.

  • Susan Nason

    Susan Nason

    Susan Nason has facilitated parenting workshops for more than 30 years. She leads Faber/Mazlish "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen, How to Listen So Kids Will Talk" and "Siblings Without Rivalry" workshops and has a thriving spiritual counseling practice, which features therapeutic and practical approaches to the challenges of raising children. Ms. Nason views parenting as a spiritual practice of compassion, gratitude, self-reflection, and connection. She also conducts teacher trainings in the New York tri-state area, is a frequent speaker at the Parents League and other organizations, and most importantly is a proud mother and ecstatic grandmother.

  • Dana Rosenbloom, MS Ed

    Dana Rosenbloom, MS Ed

    ​Dana Rosenbloom is dedicated to providing families with practical information and effective techniques that come from years of interacting with parents and their children. Ms. Rosenbloom offers parent education, play and behavior therapy, special education services, parent workshops and support groups, and professional development coaching. 



    Ms. Rosenbloom graduated from the Bank Street College of Education with advanced degrees in both Infant and Parent Development and Early Intervention and is certified in both general and special education for children birth to 9 years old. You can learn more about her services on her website, Dana's Kids.

  • Jodi Rubin, ACSW, LCSW, CEDS

    Jodi Rubin, ACSW, LCSW, CEDS

    ​Jodi Rubin is a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist who works with individuals, families, and groups in her private therapy practice in Manhattan. She created Destructively Fit™, a training program for fitness professionals that addresses eating disorders within the fitness industry. She is a former director of Day Treatment at The Renfrew Center for Eating Disorders, and creator of a curriculum on eating disorders for the Graduate School of Social Work at New York University.