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  • The Power of Postpartum Rage

    When author Molly Caro May had health complications after delivery, her anger turned into dreams of destruction

    When author Molly Caro May's first daughter was born, her world widened – as it does for all new parents – but it also deepened emotionally and physically. She experienced pelvic floor prolapse (a condition in which a weakened pelvic floor cannot support internal organs), incontinence, and postpartum rage. Like almost all women, she didn't expect any of these. Continue

  • Talking Openly About Suicide

    How to cope when someone you love completes suicide and how to help someone at risk
  • The Daddy Blues Are Real

    Dads go through a hormonal and emotional transition to parenthood too

    Every week, I meet or talk with new dads who share that this is how they feel in the first few months after their baby is born, but they have no idea why. They've probably heard about postpartum depression and are aware of the hormonal changes and shifts that impact the mood and well-being of pregnant women and new moms. But it's also likely that no one has talked to them about the emotional impact of becoming a father. Continue

  • Finding My Tribe at the Warrior Mom Conference

    Sometimes I forget that I am a survivor too

    When we can all be honest about the struggles we face in life, the stigma of getting help will be gone. What will be left is community. And when you have community, no one is alone. Continue

  • What We Can Do to Prevent Maternal Suicide

    Paying more attention to this serious subject can save lives

    Maternal suicide means the loss of a life, which is bad enough, but then there's also a lifelong trauma for the children involved. In that sense, it's a tragedy times two, and a totally preventable one. Continue

  • New Program Screens NICU Moms for Postpartum Depression

    Mothers with NICU babies may be more likely to have PPD – and less likely to get help

    A new program seeks to extend postpartum depression screening to mothers whose infants spend time in the NICU. These women are at elevated risk of developing PPD and less likely to be screened or referred for treatment. Continue

  • Living as a Mom With Bipolar Disorder

    How I survived a psychotic break after delivery and what I'd like other women to know

    A postpartum onset of bipolar disorder does not mean you cannot be a loving, competent mother. The best outcomes require early screening, treatment, and proper self-care. Continue

  • Raising Healthy Families Is a Community Responsibility

    Changing how we see parenthood can vastly improve the transition to it

    We cannot completely prevent perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, but we can reduce some risk factors by acting as a community to provide food, rest and relaxation, breaks, wisdom, and companionship to new families. Continue

  • Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Latina Moms

    Why we need better efforts to reach women at higher risk

    Why we need better efforts to reach Latina moms who may be experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety. Continue

  • The Black Woman’s Guide to Getting Help for Postpartum Depression

    How to break through the "strong Black woman" stereotype to feel better

    How to break through the strong Black woman stereotype and find support for postpartum depression Continue