'busy life' stories

  • Real-World Advice for Going Back to Work After Baby

    Moms tell us what would – and did – help them make the transition

    The top wishes of moms returning to work in a recent survey conducted by Seleni and the Families and Work Institute, and advice for making the transition. Continue

  • The Catch-22 of Working Motherhood

    When the time away makes the time together hard

    It pains me to admit that, as a single mother working a full-time office job with a 5-year old son and a 3-year old daughter, I don't spend a tremendous amount of quality time with my kids. The kids are often so desperate for my attention when we are together that they resort to whining and crying and just being generally awful in order to get it Continue

  • Head Over Heart

    Stopping to appreciate parenthood

    Babies don't keep. I can still remember lying the same way in my parents' bed, my head on my mother's chest, keeping her awake and feeling the reassurance of her heartbeat. The busyness will continue; It never ends. Crises and to-do lists and appointments will always be there, but that little head won't always fit over my heart. Continue