Teen Initiative

Our flagship program, the Seleni Institute Teen Initiative (SITI), is solely dedicated to improving the likelihood of success in adulthood for teenage mothers by providing critical and evidence-based reproductive and maternal mental health services to pregnant and postpartum teenage girls.

SITI provides direct support to teenage girls via individual psychotherapy, group support, and information on the psychological effects of pregnancy and new motherhood, as well as professional training on reproductive mental health for clinicians working with a pregnant teen population.

Read our latest articles on the topic to learn more about the importance of mental health for pregnant and postpartum teenage girls: 

Get Involved 

You can directly support the young parents we work with by making a contribution to our Amazon Baby Registry. Gifts that are donated will supply them with necessities such as diapers and baby wipes at our quarterly Young Parent Expo.


For more information on SITI, please call us at (212) 939-7200.